Thomas Bullard / 165 William Street NYC, NY 10038 /  212.349.0024 / TO: Friends of the Susan Smyly Memorial Fund April 9, 2012 Dear Friend of Susan Smyly, Thank you for being a valued supporter of Susan Smyly’s legacy. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the recent catalogue mailing, and are deeply grateful for your enthusiasm. However, now that the catalogue is done, more work lies ahead. We need to complete a documentary film about Susan, using it and the book to engage museums and galleries interested in providing a lasting home for Susan’s work. To catalyze these activities we need to raise additional funds, and hope you will consider making a further contribution towards achieving the next steps. Of course, we would be deeply grateful for any size contribution made directly to the Susan Smyly Memorial Fund in care of Tom. But, we also have an idea that some of you might find particularly intriguing. Here’s how it works. We have selected five of Susan’s sculptures, at least one of which we hope will appeal to you. We have received bids (based on minimum orders) from Susan's friend and collaborator, Rungwe Kingdon, who runs the prestigious Pangolin Foundry in England, to cast and patinate each one in bronze…practically at cost. (Please go on-line and learn more about the foundry, their gallery and many fabulous projects at Pangolin Editions.) Please keep in mind this production process takes time…anywhere from six months to a year. So, if you would like to own one of Susan’s pieces, here’s how: • Select a sculpture from the attached five selections that you would like to have and to hold from Susan's vast body of work. • Send half the total price now along with the selection form. • Submit the second half payment at the time that we notify you that the work is ready to ship. • At the time of the second payment you will also need to include shipping costs--approximately $350 to $500 depending upon the size and weight of the sculpture selected. The first payment will cover the casting and patina process and the second payment will go to the Memorial Fund. These monies will be used to continue our pursuit of finding the most appropriate museum or gallery to ensure Susan’s place among the pre-eminent artists of world sculpture. We hope you will continue to be part of this excitingand crucial artistic voyage. We look forward to hearing from you. Fondly, Tom Bullard, Nick and Anne Charney, Schellie Archbold P.S. • If you need more catalogs for a family member or someone you think would find the catalog of interest please let us know. • If we have your email, we will send this letter electronically, as well. If we don’t have your email please send it to Tom at so we can keep you updated. Sculpture Selection Purchase Form Portfolio Booklet Part I Portfolio Booklet Part II